About Beth Clark

Beth ClarkBeth Clark, mother of two, holds her Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing and is a Registered Nurse in the province of Ontario and the state of Minnesota. Beth is currently furthering her education in childbirth education, breastfeeding counselling and becoming a labour doula through Childbirth International.

Beth is an avid champion for women and their families and desires to see them take back control of their births. She guides women in understanding the options available to them through pregnancy, labour and postpartum and ensures they have the information needed to make informed, thoughtful decisions.

Beth works with women and their families by offering prenatal classes, detailed natural childbirth classes, postpartum prep classes, breastfeeding support as well as walking beside them through their entire childbearing journey as their doula. Beth believes that the birth of a baby is a powerful, beautiful, life changing event and is passionate to support families so this moment can be remembered with fondness and positivity!

What Other Parents Are Saying!

“I highly recommend asking Beth to be a part of your birth team. This girl was the sweetest, most calm, encouraging support in my home birth experience. My husband also sings her praises and says that for my first med-free birth, she kept me the most relaxed he has ever seen me in labour. Having her there eased his stress and worry so much. Even with running into a few complications with delivery, she kept me so informed and relaxed. I can’t say enough wonderful things about her! It is so worth it to hire a doula!” Suzanne C.

“As a doula Beth provided calm emotional support. I found the support leading up to the actual labour was so helpful. I was able to text her, call her, whatever I needed to do and ask questions, express concerns or just vent. Beth was so supportive of me which carried me through and eased my mind. I really appreciated that.” Jen

“We were so privileged to be able to take part in one of Beth’s pre-natal classes and want to share our experience with other parents interested in natural birth. To start off, she came right to our home, which was really convenient, and very personal. Beth also asked beforehand what we wanted her to specifically focus on, so the class was really tailored to our needs. What we were most interested in was the safety of home birth (to put my husband at ease with the idea), breathing techniques for labour, and pain management without the use of medication. She did a great job of delivering evidence-based information, and answering our questions with ease. Being a registered nurse myself, I found that Beth had a very in depth knowledge of both natural and un-natural labour and delivery. She presented the information in a non- persuading manner, equipping us to make informed decisions regarding the birth of our first child. We would highly recommend Beth’s classes, as the information given will greatly benefit expecting parents, or those thinking about starting a family. Thanks Beth! Keep up the great work. ” Sarah W.

“I had the most beautiful homebirth this past April for the birth of my first child and Beth played a huge part in making that happen. She gave 100 percent of herself to supporting me physically, emotionally and mentally throughout my whole labour and delivery. Her never ending encouraging words and gentle, calming presence enabled me to have the un-medicated, intervention-free birth that I had hoped for. I couldn’t have done it without her!
Beth has such a genuine reverence for expecting and new mothers and she demonstrated that in how she cared for me not only during my labour but the weeks leading up to and after the birth of my son. She is truly amazing at what she does and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking doula services.” Laura W.

“We chose to hire Beth as a doula because I immediately felt comfortable with her. He calm demeanour and passion for providing natural care and support throughout pregnancy and delivery was inline with our goals and desires and this was evident when we spoke for the first time.” Jen S.



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