Who is Beth Clark?

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You have found yourself at Beth Clark Birth Support and I welcome your company! With this initial post I wanted to introduce myself, connect with your quickly and let you into my world for a bit.

I am just like you.

2 years and 10 months ago I was a wife, holding my degree in Nursing from the U of Windsor, pregnant with our first child and researching birth every moment I had. I had medical knowledge, hands on experience, I had worked in my career and still I was questioning many things pregnancy and birth related. I was born in England where the birth world is very much a different experience then we have here in Ontario. My grandmother was a midwife and my sister was born at home. With these experiences as part of my family history I had to dig into the world of birth, as what I was being offered here was not what I was used to hearing around the dinner table.

I knew that my birth story would be one I shared over and over. Everyone to the cashier at the grocery store wants to hear your story and I wanted to make sure this constant story telling would produce in me feelings of positivity, not negativity. This does not mean I believed in only one way to birth a baby, but I wanted to make sure that to the best of my ability, I made the decisions surrounding my child’s birth and care.

So, I searched, spoke to family, friends and professionals in the field. My husband and I took the time to come to our own decisions. We made our own choices for our birth and this gave me confidence in both our birth and the beginning of our parenting lives. Like any birth, not all things went according to our plans, but when a question arose, I had the information I needed to make a thoughtful decision that I could own. And THIS is what I am passionate about offering you!

The ability to own YOUR birth. For you to understand the process of labour, the interventions that may arise, the differences between care providers and to have the evidence to back up the choices you make for your family.

Through the prenatal classes and doula support I offer I hope to equip you with the knowledge and information you need to make informed choices as well as encourage you to push for the birth you desire 🙂 You deserve to make the choices in the birth of your child but it is hard to make decisions when you do not know your options or the risks and benefits of those options.

I will leave you with a quote that fuelled the beginning days of BCBS and one I believe resonates deeply with my passion for pregnancy, labour and post partum.

“If I don’t know my options, I don’t have any” – Diane Korte



Beth ClarkWho is Beth Clark?