Birth Photography

I love the idea and meaning behind capturing this exceptional event in your life. Whether you are planning a natural birth, medicated or even a caesarean why not connect with this amazing woman, Emilie Michele, and find out how she can insure these moments stay vivid for a lifetime.

Book us separately through our own sites or together for an incredible deal on both of our services!

Full doula support during pregnancy, labour and postpartum (Calming Care package) AND full birth support package which includes a maternity shoot! Investment: $1200

Reduced doula support during pregnancy, and postpartum with full labour support (Tender Touch package, better for successive births) and full birth support package which includes a maternity shoot! Investment: $1100



I am a wife to a beautiful man, my highschool sweetheart.

I am a mother to a perfect baby boy.

I am a lover of life and I constantly crave adventure.

This business has definitely brought adventure to my life. I can’t say that photography has always been a passion; I didn’t yearn to learn all I could from a young age or anything like that.

The idea to start a photography business actually began as a deep love of birth photography. When I started having a desire for my own child I started looking at more and more birth photography, learning as much as I could about the birth process and, well, I fell in love with all of it.

When I became pregnant I asked my mom (a photographer) to photograph my birth because I couldn’t imagine not documenting the most amazing day of my life.

It was after I delivered my perfect babe and saw the photo of my reaction when I laid eyes on him for the first time that I thought I would LOVE to photograph births. Every mother should have images that capture the raw emotion and intense love that surrounds their baby being born.

When I’m not working with clients I can be found doing the day to day stuff that a stay-at-home mom does, going out for bike rides with my family, playing at the park, or cuddling up to a movie with my husband.

I live a perfectly ordinary life that is made extraordinary by the people who are a part of it.

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