Who is Beth Clark?

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You have found yourself at Beth Clark Birth Support and I welcome your company! With this initial post I wanted to introduce myself, connect with your quickly and let you into my world for a bit. I am just like you. 2 years and 10 months ago I was a wife, holding my degree in Nursing from the U of Windsor, pregnant with our first child and researching birth every moment I had. I had medical knowledge, hands on experience, I had worked in my career and still I was questioning many things pregnancy and birth related. I was born in England where the birth world is very much a different experience then we have here in Ontario. My grandmother was a midwife and my sister was born at home. With these experiences as part of my family history I had to dig into the world of birth, as what I was being offered here was not what I was used to hearing around the dinner table. I knew that my birth story would be one I shared over and over.¬†Everyone to the cashier at the grocery store wants to hear your story and I wanted to make sure this …

Beth ClarkWho is Beth Clark?