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windsor prenatal classesBeth Clark Birth Support offers a range of classes depending what stage of planning and pregnancy you are in. All classes can be done in a group setting at either our Windsor location (Above and Beyond Massage Therapy Clinic), our county location (TBA) or in the comfort of you own arm chair. Distance classes are also provided through Skype or FaceTime for those out of the Windsor and Essex County area.

Pre-Prenatal Class

There are multiple decisions to make at the beginning stages of pregnancy or even before you find out your pregnant, such as: which care provider would you like for your birth, what medications are safe to take when pregnant, what can you take/stay away from when pregnant, how do you chose the best care provider for you and what interview questions should be involved etc?

For this reason BCBS offers a pre-prenatal class to help you wade through the beginning stages of this journey. Together we will discuss what is important to you in the journey, what is the difference between a Midwife and an OB, what is a doula and what is the evidence surrounding home births and hospital births.

Please contact for private class dates and times.

Prenatal Class

This class is designed to meet the needs of parents who have already made some of those primary decisions but would like evidence based information on labour and birth, as well as the postpartum period and the beginnings of breastfeeding. We will discuss common interventions in labour, the stages of labour, what to prepare for a home or hospital birth, pain medication available, other coping techniques for a natural delivery, as well as answering the main questions all parents come to me with…what if I am induced? When do we leave for the hospital? How do I know when I am in labour?

Next Classes in November, February and March are available. For bookings please visit:

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Postpartum Prep Class

I am an avid supporter of women and families during their postpartum period and so I designed this class just for that purpose! A brand new class designed to prepare you for that “First Day”! What to expect right after childbirth. Common newborn questions answered and what is normal for you as a new mother! How much blood is ok? How often do I feed my baby? What differentiates the baby blues from postpartum depression?
We will also discuss tips for surviving those first 6 weeks and how best to ease the burdens of everyday life so you can fully bond and enjoy those first weeks as a larger family. Whether you are having your first child and have no idea what to expect after or if you are expanding your family even more, this class is perfect. Come and be equipped with tools and knowledge so you feel confident bringing your little one home and knowing where to reach out to if you have questions or need support!

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Breastfeeding Class

This class is coming soon and will be open to those who are newly pregnant and looking for information or for those who are already breastfeeding and looking for advice and support. Just because it is natural does not mean it always comes naturally!

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