Windsor Prenatal Class

windsor prenatal classPrenatal Classes are an awesome opportunity to prepare for your upcoming labour and birth experience. Knowing how an average labour progresses as well as understanding your options for choices that may arise will help you enter your birth with confidence. These classes are held either as a group or private lessons in the comfort of your own armchair. Distance classes can also be arranged if you are not in the WEC area.

Come and join me for an interesting and informative look at pregnancy, labour and birth and have your questions answered! Topics include:

  • Signs of labour
  • The progression of labour
  • Positions for pain control
  • Natural and medical pain relief options
  • Care options (Midwife, Doula, OB)
  • Planning a home birth or a hospital birth
  • Medical interventions: benefits and risks (epidural, episiotomy, IV etc)
  • Beginners breastfeeding
  • The first few weeks
  • Anonymous question and answer period
  • Plus more!

Next Classes are available in November, December and February!

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